Upto four Relay outputs are offered as assignable control outputs, each of which can switch a load of up to 10 Ampere rating. Separate displays are provided for channel number and it's corresponding temperature. The instrument operates on 85 to 270 V, 50/60 Hz Universal AC power supply and is offered in DIN standard panel-mount execution. Options include settings for Channel Skip and Scan Time, Analog Retransmission signals, weather-proof/flame-proof/panel mount options, etc.

The Ashe VZ-72 Temperature Scanner is part of the MAX and VZ series of Temperature Scanners and Data Loggers offered in the ASHE range of process control instruments. The instrument accepts two RTD Pt-100 inputs which are displayed alternately on the LED seven segment display. Two control Relay outputs are offered as set points.

All ASHE instruments carry a lifetime warranty against defects in components and workmanship.

The various models available in this product category are :

Model Type Input Outputs No. Of Outputs Power Supply Mounting Load Ratings Switching Time Dimensions Execution Relay Outputs Control Outputs Analog Outputs Comm Outputs No of Fans PDF
VZ-70 Single channel Data Logger 4 to 20
4 to 20 mA DC 24 VDC DIN Rail 75x55x110
VZ-72 Dual channel Temperature Scanner RTD Pt-100 / Thermocouple - 110/230
50/60 Hz
DIN Rail 75x55x110