The instruments can be quickly mounted on a standard DIN Rail in any rack or cabinet for temperature monitoring within the panel. The instruments have a built in temperature sensor which provides an accurate reading of ambient temperature on two digit display. The required alarm level may be set on the menu and the instrument provides a potential relay change over contact at a set temperature. An analog retransmission signal of 4 to 20 mA DC is available at the output terminals for remote Temperature display or monitoring.

The instrument is offered in a highly compact DIN Rail mount execution. The precision temperature sensor is built-in and provides an accurate indication of ambient temperature. The Temperature monitoring unit is a useful and low-cost accessory in any panel or cabinet to ensure that high temperature within the cabinet does not cause harm to the server and other critical equipment. The instrument provides the operator with instantaneous indication of temperature while simultaneously transmitting the temperature value to a remote location for monitoring also providing a relay alarm in the event of abnormal temperature conditions.