ASHE offers a wide variety of customized Temperature Sensors like Thermocouples and RTD Pt-100 for various industrial applications. The Simplex/Duplex Class A RTD Pt-100 sensors are the most rugged form of RTD available in all lengths and diameters. The Sensors are available in high grade Stainless Steel SS-316 with various options in mounting based on application. Thermocouple Sensors are offered with Mineral Insulated sheaths and MgO filling in types J,K,R,S,T,E, in Simplex and Duplex configurations. RTDs are also available in Simplex or Duplex elements, with various protection sheaths.

The Sensors have options of a cast aluminum terminal head, or direct cable assembly.The RTD Sensor comprises of an RTD element mounted inside a metal tube, also known as a sheath. The sheath protects the element from the environment. The resistance of the element changes as the temperature changes. The RTD Pt-100 may be used up to a temperature range of 650OC. Typical areas where RTD Sensors find wide applications are Motors and Generator windings. The RTD Sensor is made with Platinum which is a noble metal and hence it is not affected by corrosion or oxidation. Pt-100 sensors can usually be used to measure temperatures up to approximately 250°C. For higher temperatures, protective tubes, eg, with mineral-oxide insulation, are required.

The Sensors are manufactured using high grade elements for better accuracy, stability and reliability. A high degree of protection against dust, temperature fluctuations, humidity variations and vibration are offered by the rugged construction. Options of built-in Temperature Transmitters are also offered.The Sensors used in conjunction with ASHE range of Indicators, Controllers and Transmitters provide reliable process measurement, transmission and signal conditioning in any temperature application.