The instruments display measured values from the Sensor, transmit the values vide analog and digital signals, besides providing Relay outputs for controlling auxiliary control elements. The data is also available on a RS485 communication port for transmission in Modbus RTU protocol.

The instrument accepts direct Sensor connection and shows the process value on a graphic LCD display on which the user may configure the instrument for the respective application. A variety of Sensors can be wired to the instrument. Information for which is given in the user instructions for the specific input modules.

The Controller has two configurable control Relay outputs and two Analog outputs for the measured value (pH/Conductivity/ORP) and the temperature. A membrane keypad allows the operator to set and configure the instrument as required. The instrument is offered in DIN standard panel mount option as well as in weatherproof field mount executions and operates on universal AC Power supply of 90 to 270 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

This series is available in Single and Dual channel versions. In the Dual version, any combination of input sensors may be used.