The MFR-10 model Fuse Failure Monitoring Relay is a micro-controller based ten-channel Fuse Failure Monitor in DIN Rail mount execution with extension board, which is used for higher voltage level applications to indicate the fuse failure (blown) condition at any location.. The instruments are compact, rugged and reliable and designed for single-phase or three-phase fuse monitoring applications.

These panel mounted instruments are designed to indicate the failure of a Fuse (Fuse blown condition) in power lines on dual color LEDs. The instrument provides LED indications of each fuse status on the front panel. A Green LED against the channel indicates "Fuse OK” (Healthy fuse) status, while a Red LED indicates "Fuse Fail” (Fuse Blown) status. The MFR series Fuse Failure Relay It provides LED indications of each fuse status on the front panel and two potential free Relay contacts. The Relay contact may be used for remote annunciation purposes, or for connecting a Hooter or Alarm Lamp, or simply carrying the status to a PLC or DCS.

The main MFR-10 Control Module is offered in a DIN Rail mounting execution. The Power Supply to the Control Module is 24 VDC. Other features include protection from high voltage inputs, optical isolation from alarm section, single phase and three-phase operation, two Relay control potential-free contacts, etc. A separate Extension Module provides the mounting of the ten-channel Voltage dropping high-wattage Resistors in open execution. This is the monitoring section of the instrument and since it would be connected to high voltages, which may cause heating of the Resistors, it is offered in open execution. A three-metre Interconnecting Cable allows for data communication between the Control Module and the Extension Module.

In normal condition, all LEDs in the FUSE OK section on the front panel of the Control Module will glow in Green color. When any one of the ten fuses being monitored becomes open, the FUSE FAIL LED against the corresponding faulty Fuse Number will glow Red. Simultaneously, the Relay #1 will change over and it’s LED designated "RL1” will turn On. When the faulty Fuse is replaced and the instrument is switched On again, the LED of the faulty channel will now change to Green again. Further, the Relay logic differentiates the first blown Fuse from the subsequently blown Fuses. If a second Fuse blows before the first Fuse is replaced, the FUSE FAIL LED against the second faulty Fuse Number will start flashing Red, thus differentiating from the fuse that failed first. Simultaneously, the second Relay #2 will also change over and it’s LED designated "RL2” will turn On. Both Relays will remain in "Latched” condition until they are reset. The instrument must be manually Reset when the fuses are replaced. The FUSE FAIL LEDs will also retain their "faulty” status until the instrument is reset.

The various models available in this product category are :

Model Type Input Outputs No. Of Outputs Power Supply Mounting Load Ratings Switching Time Dimensions Execution Relay Outputs Control Outputs Analog Outputs Comm Outputs No of Fans PDF
MFR-10 Fuse Failure Relay 230 VAC, 50 Hz 230 VAC, 50 Hz DIN Rail 96x96x110