The Code Lock comprises of a numeric Membrane Switchpad for operator interface, which is mounted on the door of the panel. A series of unique four digit codes may be programmed by the user to allow access to the Rack. Only upon the correct sequential entry of this number, will the Relay contacts change-over and allow for opening of the door. The contacts of the relay may be used to open both the front or rear doors.

The four digit Code may be changed whenever required from the front panel itself by means of a very simple procedure.

The range of Code Locks are compact, rugged and reliable instruments designed for accurate measurement and control applications.

All ASHE instruments carry a lifetime warranty against defects in components and workmanship.

The various models available in this product category are :

Model Type Input Outputs No. Of Outputs Power Supply Mounting Load Ratings Switching Time Dimensions Execution Relay Outputs Control Outputs Analog Outputs Comm Outputs No of Fans PDF
CL-4 Panel Access Code Lock 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz Server Rack mounting Door mounted Keyboard Panel Relay output