The instrument is a precision On/Off Timer with an in-built real-time clock which is synchronized with the Atomic Clock of a satellite.

The Timer has a two line OLED display and an 8 key keypad for easy configuration and programming of the Timer. The GPS Timer switches the contactor in the CP unit On and Off to switch the output current from the unit On and Off. This enables current interruption surveys using multiple timers with complete synchronization of start / stop and On / Off timing cycles.

The instrument is offered in panel mount execution and operates on universal AC power supply. An Antenna for satellite communication is provided as a standard accessory.

The various models available in this product category are :

Model Type Input Outputs No. Of Outputs Power Supply Mounting Load Ratings Switching Time Dimensions Execution Relay Outputs Control Outputs Analog Outputs Comm Outputs No of Fans PDF
AGT-82 GPS based Current Interrupt Timer for Cathodic protection applications GPS synchronized time signal 0 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 12-24 VDC panel 96x96x110