The Rack can have up to eight DC exhaust Fans mounted on the rear or upper section of the panel. The instrument comprises of two sub-units : an LED Strip Display and a Control Module. The LED Strip Display must be mounted on the front door of the Rack, while the Control Module must be mounted on a DIN Rail on the side of the panel, in proximity to the Fans. A 1-metre cable (supplied) will link the LED Strip Display to the Control Module. The Control Module, in turn, will be inter-connected to the Fans on the rear of the Rack. The DC Fans will need to be powered externally from a DC power source.

The Control Module is a microcontroller based electronic device which monitors the movement of the Fans in the rack. If a fault is detected in any of the Fans owing to blocked-rotor condition or fan failure, an internal Relay will change-over immediately, providing potential-free contacts on the terminals of the instrument. These potential-free contacts can be wired individually, or in tandem with the contacts of all the Racks within the control room to provide an audible Alarm Hooter, which will caution the operator that one of the Fans within the Rack is faulty or non-functional.

The LED Strip will have eight bi-polar LEDs on the front panel which will indicate the live status of the Fans mounted within the Rack. If the fan is running normally, it’s LED will indicate Green colour on the front panel LED strip. Similarly, any fault in the fan causing a rotor block will show the corresponding LED to be Red in colour. The instrument can monitor up to eight DC Fans. However, it can also be configured for a smaller number of Fans (less than eight) by a simple configuration. The Control Module operates on 48 VDC power supply and provides the power to the LED Strip on the front panel. The LED strip can be mounted on the front panel on two projecting Studs, while the Control Module is DIN rail mounted.