The instrument has three keys on the front panel, with which the operator can set the parameters and configure the instrument as desired. The instrument has an in-built precision temperature sensor which monitors the ambient temperature and displays the same on a three-digit seven-segment digital display on the front panel. The display can indicate any scale range between 000 to 99.9 units (temperature) value in degree Celsius (°C).

In case of power failure, the set points are retained in memory. The Fan monitoring and Control modules are not designed for any specific make of Fans, and as such, the customer can use any Fan make of his choice. The rated current of the Fans need not be pre-specified by user, since the Fan Monitoring unit dynamically acquires this information while monitoring the Fans. The Fan Control module provides powered output contacts for wiring the two AC Fans independently through internal control relays. The instrument also senses the normal healthy current being drawn by each fan and provides short-circuit and open-circuit protection by cutting off the supply to the corresponding Fan in case any abnormality is detected. Open Circuit and Short circuit conditions are monitored continuously and are digitally configurable. The instrument has an internal SMPS power supply and operates on universal AC power of 90 to 270 V AC, 50/60 Hz.