The instruments perform functions for flow indication, Integration and control. All related parameters like Flow Rate, Flow Total, Differential (Subtracted) Flow, etc. are indicated on digital displays. Control options by Relays and Analog outputs are also available. The instruments have non-volatile memory.

The Totalizers accept either 4 to 20 mA DC current signal, or a frequency signal from the Flow Transducer or Mass Flow Meter. Relay outputs are offered for control applications, which may be configured for Flow Rate or Totalized value. The instrument is available in DIN standard enclosures and operates on a universal power supply of 90 to 270 V AC mains supply.

Options include external Reset, two-wire configuration, Analog Retransmission signal, Remote Control operation, Batch Control Relay outputs, Weather-proof and Flame-proof executions, etc.

All ASHE instruments carry a lifetime warranty against defects in components and workmanship.