The Temperature Monitored Fan Controller provides a controlled switching which energizes the fans selectively so as to regulate the temperature inside the panel within acceptable limits, while maintaining a linear air pressure output. Fixed Speed or Speed Control options are offered.

The principle of operation is as follows : A Temperature Sensor with cable extension provides a continuous and accurate measurement of the temperature inside the panel. This temperature signal is transmitted to a micro-controller based electronic control circuit which continuously compares the actual temperature with the preset temperatures for the individual Fans. Any desired logic control algorithm can be programmed. The Fan Control card thus controls the speed of the Fans based on the existing temperature within the Rack and provides sequential switching On and Off of the Fans to provide a controlled and linear CFM output of air from the Racks.

Further, the Controller continuously monitors the status of ancillary equipment within the Rack, such as the Smoke Detector and the Door Switch (if required), and provides switching of the Fans on receipt of signals from these equipment. The Duty Cycle of each Fan is also rotated sequentially so as to distribute the load on each Fan, thus enhancing the life cycle of each Fan. Four Relays are provided on the Card for the various alarm conditions. All alarm conditions are indicated by red LEDs on the Card. The Fan Control Card operates on 48 VDC.

The Fan Logic Controller is, in effect, a linear Exhaust-Air Pressure Controller. Owing to the speed control of the Fans and the switching of Fans sequentially, the temperature is effectively controlled and maintained to the required limits in the Rack. This prevents over-heating conditions inside the panel and provides optimum conditions for the smooth functioning of the expensive data and communication equipment. This operation ensures that the fans are not unnecessarily kept switched on even when the temperature is within acceptable limits. This greatly enhances the life of the fans and also reduces the load on the power supply or UPS system. Besides, it greatly reduces the droning high frequency hum of fans operating together by switching on only the required number of fans.

In conclusion, the Temperature Monitored Fan Controller provides effective control of the following vital parameters in Server Room or Outdoor conditions :

  • Significant savings in high electricity (Power) costs.
  • Extending the life of the Cooling fans by selective operation.
  • Maintaining low noise levels.
  • Accurate temperature control within the Outdoor Server Cabinet, thereby protecting expensive equipment.
  • Reduction of load on UPS or Battery back-up.