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The Model JB-40 battery powered Digital Temperature Indicator is a compact, rugged and reliable indicating instrument which is self-contained and specifically designed for accurate temperature measurement applications, in areas without power availability. The instrument is micro-controller based, having provision for AA size “pencil” batteries in parallel configuration.

The Indicator accepts either a standard J or K type Thermocouple sensor at its input terminals and displays the actual temperature value calibrated in the desired units, on a linear scale. The process value is displayed on a 3-1/2 Digit seven-segment LCD digital display module.

The instrument can be calibrated on any scale range from -1999 to +1999 units. The two thermocouples are factory calibrated for a range of 0-750°C (1382°F) for J-type thermocouple and 0-1000 °C (1832 °F) for K-type thermocouple.
The Temperature Indicator is specifically designed to operated on minimal power consumption and provides temperature readings for extensive period on battery power alone. While the micro-controller is continuously sampling the input signal, it refreshes the display at ten-second intervals with the updated internal readings, as a power saving measure.

A Power-On switch is provided to switch off the instrument when not in use, thereby saving battery life. Further, the temperature reading is available in both, Celsius and Fahrenheit units. A switch is provided for selecting the desired unit.
The JB-40 Indicator is therefore an ideal signal unit substitute to conventional analog indicators because of its inherent accuracy in process measurement, besides other superior characteristics such as extremely low power consumption, immunity to Shocks, Dust, Ambient temperatures, Humidity and Corrosive atmospheres. Its main advantage is that it operates on minimal power, providing several months of uninterrupted indication of the measured temperature.

Further, the instrument is manufactured using selected high-grade components which guarantee its reliability and long operational life. The unit also has no moving parts, which greatly enhances its versatility.

All ASHE instruments carry a lifetime warranty against defects in components and workmanship.
1 JB-40 4.5 digit, AA Battery-powered LCD Indicator Thermocouple / RTD Pt-100 3.5 digit seven-segment LCD AA Batteries (two) Field 80x120x60 mm