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The ASHE AP-20 are a range of compact, rugged and reliable microcontroller based instruments for multi-channel Alarm indicating and control applications.The Annunciator Panels accept Digital signals from various field sensors and process equipment and monitor these inputs for alarm conditions.

As soon as an alarm signal is received by the instrument, the pre-recorded message for the specific alarm is flashed on the display panel. The messages are displayed on a 20-character alphanumeric LED scrolling display. Simultaneously upto two Relay contacts are offered as assignable control outputs, each of which can switch a load of up to 10 Ampere rating.

Separate displays are provided to indicate the channel number for acknowledging alarm conditions. The alarms may be individually silenced, acknowledged, rectified and reset. The instrument thus offers a single point monitoring and control of several critical parameters in the plant process operation. The instruments operate on 85 to 270 V, 50/60 Hz Universal AC power supply and are offered in 2U height in standard 10” rack panel mounting execution.

All ASHE instruments carry a lifetime warranty against defects in components and workmanship.